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Types of Wig Glue and Adhesive for Lace Wigs

There are various types of glues for wigs but all are used to attach the wig or lace wig to the scalp. Each type of glue for wigs has different properties, strengths, comfort and varies in length of attachment. There are daily glues that will hold the lace wig in place until removed at night. The daily glue is a liquid tape and is extremely secure and comfortable. It is used for lace front wigs, lace wigs or wigs that are removed nightly. The daily glue for wigs is secure, dries clear for a natural hairline and you can sleep in it if needed, but it will lose its effectiveness by the following day and must be reapplied. Next is the medium hold glue that is considered short term in duration holding for 4-7 days. Lastly, there is long-term permanent glue for wigs and lace wigs that will hold for up to 8 weeks without being removed. The glue you select for your lace wig or wig will be determined by personal preference and how long you intend to wear the wig before it is removed.

Is There a Difference Between Lace Wig Glue and Lace Wig Adhesive?

Lace wig glue and lace wig adhesive are the same products, but clients use different terminology. The lace wig adhesive you select is important for length of attachment, comfort and the natural appearance of the hairline. Lace wig adhesive are made to dry clear offering transparency to the scalp. This will create a natural and undetectable hairline. All lace wig adhesives are waterproof and transparent allowing swimming, sleeping and all natural daily activities.

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Benefits of Buying Lace Wig Glues or Adhesives by Lace Front Wig

  • All lace adhesive glues can be used as wig bonding glues.
  • Free written instructions on how to apply a lace front wig with glue.
  • Review our free tutorial videos on how to apply a lace front wig with glue.
  • Free written instructions on how to apply daily, medium or long term glues for lace wigs with purchase.

Questions & Answers about Lace Wig Glues, Adhesives and Bonds you should know about!

  • How should I apply the lace wig glue?

    All lace wig adhesives work on the same premise that they bond the base of the lace to the scalp. In some instances the lace glue can be applied to very short hair and will actually attach to the hair and scalp. When you apply the lace glue you apply it around the perimeter of the hairline and not in the hair itself. You let it become tacky to the touch and place the base of the lace wig into the glue when it is almost dry. This will create a strong and secure bond that is very comfortable. You will be able to enjoy all daily activities without the worry of having an unsecured lace wig.

  • I have sensitive skin. Will the lace wig glue work for me?

    It is recommended that all glue for wigs be tested on a small area of your skin before applying to the scalp. Simply put a few drops on your arm and cover with a band aid. Every type of glue uses different additives and properties that may react differently on your skin. It is simple to test and only takes 24 hours to determine if your skin is sensitive to the glue. This can save you considerable time, aggravation, and problems by following this simple procedure. While skin sensitivity is not common, it can occur and you should always test your skin before applying your lace wig bond to your scalp.

  • Which lace wig glue or lace wig adhesive is preferred for full lace wigs?

    Long-term lace wig bond or lace wig adhesive is preferred by women that do not wish to remove their wig daily or weekly. Long-term or permanent lace wig glue is applied to the scalp and the lace wig is actually attached to the glue. One must let the lace wig glue become tacky or placing the lace into the glue. If the lace wig adhesive or with glue is still wet when the wig is applied with glue will permeate into the roots of the hair and full lace wig will not look natural at the hairline.


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