Which Lace Wig Removal Solution Should I Use?

A lace wig (glue) remover should always be used to break down the bond or glue so the lace wig can be removed without causing hair loss or damage to the lace. Various lace wig glue removers are available by lace front wig. Each lace wig glue remover works slightly different and its effectiveness can vary based upon the adhesive or glue used. For lace wig removal it is recommended that a non-oily lace release be used to remove a daily or short-term bond or glue. This allows easy removal from the tape or adhesive without the need for washing the unit before re-application. For the removal of long-term bonds, an oil based lace wig glue remover or wig solvent should be used. The oil will help protect the hair and the lace during the removal process must be washed with a gentle shampoo prior to wearing again.

What is the Best Method for Lace Wig Removal?

For proper wig removal to occur a lace wig remover should be used or a wig solvent. It is important for the correct removal procedures to be followed so damage to your wig, lace wig, or front lace wig does not occur. There are various lace wig removers on the market today but you should have a non-oily lace wig remover and an oil based lace wig glue remover for the correct lace wig removal. You simply take the lace wig glue remover and gently apply to the solvent on the scalp. You can use a dab on applicator and wet the perimeter with the wig solvent. Let it work to break down the bond and the lace will lift out of the glue without damage or a large mess. If you are removing and reapplying without washing, I would recommend the non-oily lace wig glue remover so oil is not present. However, if you are removing the lace wig for a thorough cleaning, then the oil based wig solvent should be utilized for easier removal and protection of the hair.

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How To Apply Lace Wig Glue Remover

There are different application methods to dispense the lace wig glue remover and wig solvent. There are dab on applicators that direct the wig solvent to that small specific area. After removal of the system and to clean away the excess tape glue or bond left on the lace wig and scalp a spray applicator is then used for large area distortion application.

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Questions & Answers about Lace Wig Removers and Solvents you should know about!

  • How should I use a lace wig remover or wig solvent for proper removal?

    To properly remove the lace wig, one must first apply a lace wig remover around the perimeter of the hairline where the glue is attached to the scalp and lace. Once the perimeter is wet from the solvent, wait a few minutes and reapply. Let the remover work and release the lace from the glue or bond. The lace wig remover should quickly breakdown the bond on the top of the glue, allowing the lace to release without any damage or mess. Then lace that has the buildup of glue can be submersed in the wig solvent for total removal and cleaning of the glue from the lace wig.

  • Will the wig remover solvents damage the lace, hair or polyurethane?

    There are various strengths of wig removal solutions and a user should check periodically to make sure there is no damage occurring. On can spray on the lace wig (glue) remover and wait until the bond is released before removing the lace wig from the scalp. If you submerge the lace into the wig solvent for a period of time to remove the excess glue, you must check periodically to ensure damage is not occurring to the base, lace or hair. Those lace wig removers used for are medium in strength and will not harm the hair, lace or base under normal use. Precautions should be used when leaving the wig or lace wig unit in the wig solution to fully clean the excess glue.


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