Wig Styling Guide

Wig Styling Guide

Styling a wig can be frustrating and tedious for beginners. That’s why we’ve developed this simple guide that will make your lace wig look natural and prevent any damage that might be caused during the hairstyle process. The guide below offers advice on styling both synthetic and human hair.

Before you start, it’s important to use wig clips, combs, and brushes. You can find all three types of these hair styling tools on our site. Also, we highly recommend the use of wig care and styling products such as wig shampoo, conditioner, and light mist non-oil based hair spray. Our lace therapy wig accessories product line has every product you need to style and maintain lace wigs.

Most clients visit a local hairdresser who specializes in lace wig application. This is common because it’s easier for professional hairdressers to trim the hair on the wig to suit the customers preferred hairstyle.

Synthetic Wig Styling Tips

  • Most synthetic hairstyles are durable and need minimal alterations. The texture ordered is not as flexible as human hair.
  • As for curly synthetic hairstyles it’s important not to brush or straighten the wig with styling products such as a flat iron. This will cause the wig to lose its luster and may even cause damage. You must make sure it is high temperature synthetic fiber.
  • Wavy hairstyles require a simple brushing. You can either use your finger or a large pick comb to style the hair.
  • Straight hairstyles allow you to brush throughout with any type of comb with medium to large size bristles. Don’t brush to hard as it may cause damage to the knots.
  • When removing tangles start from the bottom up and slowly repeat the process to prevent breakage.
  • You can use any type of hair styling products. We recommend using wig shampoo, wig conditioner and light mist hairspray by Lace Therapy.
  • If you use a hot styling product such as Flat Iron or Curling Iron, it’s important to keep the heat on LOW because synthetic hair can burn easily unless it is the high temperature synthetic hair fiber offered by Lace-front-wig.

Human Hair Wig Styling Tips

  • You may use any brush or comb and brush gently from the bottom up.
  • As you continue to wear the wig, be sure to remove any tangles on a daily basis. This should be done at least once a day. If the hair become matted or a tangled mess, you can use Lace Therapy wig detangle solution for any type of problem.
  • Roller sets and hot styling Irons may be used to create any hairstyle.
  • Don’t brush tight curly wigs. Simply shake and take your fingers to carefully separate the curls.
  • Don’t brush long curly wigs. Instead, use a comb or your fingers to separate the curls.
  • Straight styles are very flexible. You can use a brush or any styling product. Be sure not to brush too hard to ensure the hair does not break and stays attached to the lace.

Remember, always brush from the bottom up when styling any type of wig and be aware of the heat setting if you plan on styling your wig yourself.

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